Prof. Dr. Wenger Roland H.

Main Field(s) of Research, Abstract
The Cellular Oxygen Physiology Group is exploring the molecular mechanisms and therapeutical consequences of cellular adaptation to changing ambient conditions as found in the tumor microenvironment, including low oxygen and inflammatory conditions.


  • The role of PHD oxygen sensors and HIF transcription factors in tumor progression
  • Identification and characterization of novel PHD upstream regulators and downstream effectors
  • Interplay between hypoxic and inflammatory pathways in atherosclerosis and colon cancer

Main Fields of Research, Keywords
Hypoxia, prolyl-4-hydroxylases, iron metabolism, hypoxia-inducible factors, Epo, VEGF, PASKIN

Special Techniques and Equipment
Oxygen-controlled environment for cellular and animal work, oxygen-dependent enzymes and protein modifications, protein-protein and DNA-protein interactions, cell signalling, gene regulation, transgenic animals.

Education and Training
We provide training opportunities for Master students, MD and PhD students, and Post-Docs.