Prof. Dr. Levesque Mitchell

Skin Cancer Functional Genomics

We are interested in using functional genomics tools to understand the evolution of heterogeneity in skin cancer progression. In particular, we apply next-generation sequencing approaches to melanoma and other skin cancers. Check out some of the online tools we have developed here:

Live Cell Biobanking

With access to one of the largest live-cell melanoma biobanks in the world, we have a unique resource in which to study the functional mechanisms of cellular heterogeneity and how these respond to various therapeutic regimens.  More information about the biobank can be found here:

Functionalizing Cancer Genomes

Lastly, we are using the zebrafish model organism as a means to functionally validate novel genes from our genomics assays. The zebrafish is an emerging model organism that offers many advantages over traditional models according to the 3Rs (Replacement, Reduction, Refinement), and allows for a rapid functional assessment of the human cancer genome.

Figure: Schematic of the evolution of melanoma heterogeneity
(Widmer, Eichhoff, Dummer and Levesque 2015)