Prof. Dr. Frew Ian

Main Field(s) of Research, Abstract

We aim to genetically dissect the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underlie the malignant transformation of epithelial tissues, with a current focus on kidney and endometrial carcinomas. We seek to identify and characterise the mechanisms that normally act to control cellular proliferation in a physiological setting and aim to understand how disruption of these mechanisms through genetic mutation causes dysregulation of epithelial cell proliferation, resulting in initiation of tumour formation. Ultimately, we aim to exploit the information gained about the molecules and signalling pathways that drive aberrant cellular proliferation to develop tailored therapeutic strategies that are targeted to particular combinations of genetic mutations that drive proliferation in a particular tumour.

Main Fields of Research, Keywords

Kidney cancer, endometrial cancer, hypoxia, primary cilium, cell cycle control Special Techniques and Equipment Mouse genetics, genetic screening, primary cell culture, in vivo bioluminescent imaging, lentiviral vectors

Education and Training