Prof. Dr. French Lars E.

Main Field(s) of Research, Abstract
Our group is focussed on: 1) understanding the role of danger- and pathogen sensing via the IL-1β-processing inflammasome platform in the pathogenesis of severe skin diseases, including melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma and graft versus host disease; 2) understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying massive keratinocyte apoptosis occurring during severe adverse cutaneous reactions to drugs; and 3) understanding the molecular mechanisms involved in resistance to apoptosis in cutaneous T cell lymphoma.

Main Fields of Research, Keywords
IL-1β - Skin - Cancer - Graft versus Host disease - Adverse Drug Reactions - Apoptosis

Special Techniques and Equipment
Our laboratory is fully equipped for cell culture, molecular biology, ELISA (plate washer and reader), flow cytometry (Becton-Dickinson FacsCanto A).

Education and Training
PhD and MD/PhD programs.