Prof. Dr. Baudis Michael

Main Field(s) of Research, Abstract
The focus of our research at the University of Zurich is in the analysis of genomic variations in human neoplasias and genomic syndromes.
Several projects center around our assembly of copy number aberration data from Comparative Cytogenetic Hybridization (CGH) studies. The Progenetix database is the largest collection of case specific chromosomal and array CGH data, and currently contains more than 20,000 genomic tumor profiles. Additionally, the project's website is a comprehensive publication tracker for oncogenomic and provides online versions of CGH data visualization and analysis tools developed by our group.
Specific projects deal with the development of computational methods for structural data analysis, genomic aberration analysis in specific tumor entities as well as large scale exploration of imbalance patterns in malignancies. Additionally to the theoretical and meta-analysis projects, we perform studies applying high-resolution genomic arrays to the analysis analysis of cancer samples and patients with genetic syndromes of unknown etiology.
The group has many active international collaborations, but is also supports the application of genomic screening and data mining methods at Zurich's universities.

Main Fields of Research, Keywords
lymphoma, carcinoma, cancer, oncogenomics, Comparative Genomic Hybridization, CGH, array analysis, data mining

Special Techniques and Equipment
oncogenomic reference database
custom software for mining of large oncogenomic data collections
workstations and software setup for analysis of Affymetrix GeneChip arrays
collection of reference data for GeneChip analysis